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About Capernaum

We meet with people in various venues around the purpose of loving God and their neighbors as themselves. We seek to respond to various needs and opportunities in the name of Jesus encouraging people to follow and trust Jesus.

Capernaum, Inc. serves solely as a 501(C)(3) non-profit entity by which Kurt Neale's salary, administration expenses, and various ministry opportunities are funded. Kurt is accountable to the Board of Directors. Together, we are striving to keep our ministry relationally focused and an effort of faith. Opinions vary as to the best way to handle financial policy, particularly fund raising. We desire to pray faithfully about our need and to act responsibly regarding communicating those needs to others. Board member Wendell Merritt handles financial matters. As a matter of policy, the Board of Directors of Capernaum has decided that it is best that Kurt Neale not know who gives financially and how much individual gifts are, only the grand total of our current financial status.

Contact Us

Capernaum, Inc.
P.O. Box 821536
Dallas, TX 75382-1536
Federal Tax ID: 75-2687662

Kurt Neale

Kurt Neale primarily responds to needs and opportunities in the name of Jesus. What that looks like varies wildly, but includes things such as:

Ministry Needs

Kurt's salary is paid by the non-profit organization Capernaum, Inc., which is funded by the donations of friends. Aside from Kurt's salary, there are related administrative expenses and some expenses for various activities. If you would like more specific information about our needs, please .

If you would like to financially participate with us, please explore our options to donate.

All donors will receive a receipt for their donation(s) in January of each year.

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